Drawing a political through line between 1970 and 2020

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash

Late in the second episode of the new documentary mini-series The Reagans, we are reminded of history’s echoes and how they continue to reverberate. Ronald Reagan, hailed as a saint of modern conservatism, laid the groundwork for what would unfold some five decades later during the Trump era. We learn that “Make America Great Again,” a phrase married so tightly to our perception of Trump, was lifted right from Reagan’s playbook. …

Why a yearly ritual of planting tulips means so much more

Newly-planted tulips. Photo by author.

While on my daily afternoon walk, a new and cherished pastime during this strange and unsettling societal shutdown, I was reminded of certain rituals and how they give meaning to the changing currents of life.

In Boulder, CO, where I live, spring is usually marked by an uptick in tourists enjoying the longer afternoons on our historic downtown walking mall. Four city blocks are blissfully immune to car traffic: a space to wander in and out of coffee shops and little stores, listen to street buskers, or grab a meal on one of the many patios. …

An effort to clean hands and save lives in rural West Africa

Photo by Liz Martin on Unsplash

Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are all accustomed to the oft-said advice: “wash your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds and wash them often.” Backed by the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and every other influential health organization, we have heeded the call and incorporated hand-washing into our daily routines, almost religiously so. It is our first, and best, line of defense.

In the Upper East region of Ghana, however, water and soap are more scarce and fear is mounting as the novel coronavirus makes rapid headway into West Africa. As of November 23rd…

Street art piece in Taos by Boulder-based artist SMiLE (Photo by author)

I never imagined a place like this existed.

A bar blasting reggae in the heart of

The Gulf of Thailand,

Torches burning bright,

As the day fades and mosquitoes

Come alive.

A lonely island sits calm in the distance,

Clouds forming wide & tall.

A perfect breeze upon my skin,

As I hear sundry languages

Floating in the air.

All of us somehow gathered here,

From endless countries & nationalities,

An intriguing gang of seekers.

Together, as the sun disappears,

And the palm trees dance about.

Dylan Bahner

Crafting sentences at the intersection of curiosity & inspiration.

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